Cannabis Africana Cape Town Methods Workshop


The Cannabis Africana project hosted a Methods Workshop at the University of Cape Town in South Africa from 21-22 November 2022. The first day was divided into morning and afternoon sessions.

Day 1 Sessions

The morning session focused on the project itself, its journey thus far, and some of the emerging findings from the study. Presentations covered the research being done in Nigeria, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Kenya.

The afternoon session discussed the methods and ethical issues researchers encounter in the study of illicit substances. We had speakers sharing their experiences in studying cannabis in Kenya and Nigeria, as well as opium in Myanmar and Afghanistan. You can access the recording for both sessions here.

Day 2 Session

On 22 November we held an evening roundtable discussion on cannabis law and policy reform in South Africa. The panel was co-hosted with Fields of Green For All (through Myrtle Clarke and her alliance partners). You can access the discussion through this link.

We concluded with a trip to a legal cannabis/hemp experimentation farm in Paarl where we learnt more about great work some activists are doing towards developing knowledge on cannabis and how it can contribute to socio-economic development.

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